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ABU DHABI CLASSICS (Abu Dhabi) Lucerne Symphony Orchestra



Emirates Palace 8 PM

Presenting two magical nights, the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, with American Conductor James Gaffigan and American Soloist Nicholas Angelich are set to take the residents and visitors of the emirate of Abu Dhabi on a timeless voyage of classical and romantic musical styles through drawing a panorama of compositions in the 'Music of Romantic Age'.

Opening the new Abu Dhabi Classics 2017-2018 Season with a Gala Concert in Al Jahili Fort (Al Ain), the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra will play one of Beethoven’s most popular Symphonies: the 4th Symphony, written in 1806. For one of the fathers of the Romanic movement in music, German composer Robert Schumann, this Symphony was also, the “most romantic” of Beethoven’s Symphonic works. Completing the evening in Al Jahili Fort will also be the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto composed in 1868, a work widely influenced by the same Robert Schumann and its interest in folk music. Also on the programme for the evening, the Siegfied-Idyll, the Symphonic Poem Richard Wagner offered his wife Cosima for the birth of their son Siegfried in 1869.

On the second evening, at Emirates Palace, the orchestra will resume its journey through the music of the Romantic age, exploring Italy and France with Gioachino Rossini’s famous Overture to his Grand Opera Guillaume Tell (1829). The very reach of the Romantic Music Revolution in space, but also in time will be displayed by Sergei Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 composed in 1900-1901. Considered the “last of the romantics” in Russian classical music, Rachmaninov unfolds in his concerto’s wide melodic, song-like elements as reminders of the romantic style he cherished. Rounding off the evening is Brahms First Symphony (1876); not a work standing directly in line with romantic music theory, but a composition trying nevertheless to establish a link with Beethoven’s music. Thus Brahms First Symphony opens a new artistic path in an age that was also the dawn of Modernity.

Before the performance on Friday 13, a pre-concert discussion will be led by Dr Ronald Perlwitz, head of TCA Abu Dhabi Music Programme about Brahms 1st Symphony, starting at 7:15pm. 
The pre-talk will be free to all ticket holders.

*All timings are actual start timings. We recommend guests to come 30 min before the beginning of the concert to find their seats. Doors will close at the start time. No access will be granted after the doors have been shut.