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Celestial Sounds Immersion

This event offers a unique experience that combines crystal quartz instruments, voice, Tibetan bowls, and Arabic percussion to facilitate a deeper state where the body activates its self-healing capabilities. From this relaxing state you will be able to cultivate mental clarity, sharpening of the senses, abundance, unconditional love, spiritual awakening, and anything positive you intend for your life! 

A sound healing immersion is a shared experience helping you to focus your intentions right where you want them and to have an open awareness without judgement towards you and others. The immersion event takes you to a trip of imagination: a motivating visualization that will increase your self-awareness, compassion, gratitude and add a positive outlook to your life. 

The event also includes an introduction where you will receive deeper understanding of the healing properties of sound and will be guided through this wonderful journey. This is an excellent opportunity to get yourself into your ideal state where wellbeing and health are primed; where you flow with the present moment in peace and grace.

The use of sound for healing purposes can be traced back to Pythagoras and Ancient Egypt. There are registers of the use of frequencies and vibrations to, not only help people to facilitate their recovery from different ailments but also to cure them both physically and spiritually. In our times, practically every discomfort we feel, whether it is physical or emotional, is stress-related. This means we have to learn how to handle it, and take the reins of our own health. Recently, many researches have been showing how sound therapies are a relaxed, natural and efficient way to provide stress relief and activate the necessary harmony that our body requires to heal itself. This new trend is updating old traditions and knowledge humankind used by millennia.

Sonia Carolina González, Reiki Master, Sound Healer Alchemist and Opera Singer is the creator of this event. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2012, Sonia started a self-healing journey that is recounted in her book “Bailando con Hashimoto” (Balboa Press, 2016); having reversed this condition through passion and a fierce determination, she decided to share her experience and to help facilitating the tools that ignite the body’s own healing abilities in others. 

Carlos Páez, Actor and Singer, and Fouad Faraj, Pianist and Percussionist also take part of this journey, helping Sonia to create the sounds by borrowing their talents for this happening.

Tickets include introduction, sonic experience and herbal tea.


·         AED 100 (if bringing your own yoga mat, pillow and blindfold)

·         AED 180 (includes yoga mat, pillow and eye mask, must be paid in advance)

After the event you will be able to enjoy gluten free and refined sugar free desserts with tea for AED 20 or a main course for lunch for AED 40 at Melius Restaurant.

Bookings: azjOH3Wg8vkBs4rn2


Contact: Sonia González 052 9294290, celestialsoundsimmersion@, celestialsoundimmersion

Thank you!