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The Flow of Life - paintings by Ulrike Krocker


 Ulrike Krocker presents a

brand new collection of paintings:

“The Flow of Life”

              Khalifa City A, 39th Street, Villa No. 23

 The exhibition will run till the end of November,

  by appointments only; tel: 050 6719350

Short Bio:

Living in Abu Dhabi since 35 years I started to paint as a necessity, there was really very little available in form of paintings, and a time comes when you have outgrown posters on your walls. Within the last few years, with children grown up and early retirement from a demanding job, I finally had the freedom to dedicate more of my time to painting. With my last project I am obliged to say that I spent all my time obsessed with painting, even when I closed my eyes I saw and still see colorful cells flowing down a canvas.


Abstract contemporary paintings often are based on a wide variety of special effects. Being a computer junkie concerning information, I always look for tutorials of painting techniques, thus I discovered acrylic pouring. There are literally thousands of tutorials, but all of them are limited to small canvases (mostly 12x12 in; 30x30cm) and I couldn’t find anything on the big canvasses I envisioned so vividly. So I embarked on a journey and a half to source the most suitable materials and after months of experimenting finally I came up with my own formula and technique to take my pouring paintings to the next dimension to be able to produce large paintings.

Choosing the right viscosity and flow of the paint in order to achieve certain effects, especially cells, inspired me to call this series of paintings “Flow of Life” as cells are the simplest and the most basic form of life.

Later Event: November 8
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