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Art is Cruel
Deconstructing Art: Principles
& Practice

This 3-day workshop challenges the concept of art school (art as pedagogy) and aims to clarify the practice of young artists. Using simplified and straightforward directions that avoid the jargon and beautification of the art industry, this workshop seeks to realign the artist’s focus on the intellectual longevity of their practice through deep research and critical thinking. This workshop contains a short reading component. 


Deconstructing Art: Principles & Practice, will expand over 3 phases: 

Dismantlement: Each participant will be invited to break their own artistic practice into four parts: Objective, Audience, Method and Conclusion.

Development: Attention will be directed at each artist's practice in its most vulnerable state of dismantlement, in order to refine it through organised critiques and useful exercises.

Restructure: In this final phase, each participant will be invited to reconstruct the four initial components of their practice in ways that express a clearer vision and respond to the critiques and exercises. 

Instructor: Walid Al Wawi, Artist, Curator and SEAF Alumni

Age: 16+ | Entry: AED 380


Earlier Event: October 2
WAREHOUSE421: Cohort 5