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NYUAD Shakespeare Theater Company -Noura

Middle East Premiere

Shakespeare Theatre Company - Noura

By Heather Raffo | Directed by Joanna Settle

When / Thursday & Friday, May 10 & 11 @ 8pm | Saturday, May 12 @ 3pm

Where / The Red Theater


What does “home” mean and what will we do to protect it?

Noura challenges our notions of belonging, shame, and sacrifice through a portrait of Iraqi immigrants in New York. As Noura and her husband Tariq prepare to celebrate a traditional Christmas, she looks forward to welcoming a special guest—Maryam, a young Iraqi refugee. But the girl’s arrival opens wounds the family has tried to leave behind, forcing them to confront where they are, where they’ve been and who they have become.

Award-winning playwright and performer Heather Raffo (9 Parts of Desire) draws on personal stories of Arab American women responding to A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama of one mother’s struggle to balance her duty with her identity. Noura’s Middle East premiere follows its world-premiere production at Washington DC’s Shakespeare Theater Company in February 2018.

“Raffo’s script bounces effortlessly between humor and strained arguments. It’s one of the most realistic plays I’ve seen in the last few years” – DC Metro Theater Arts

“Director Joanna Settle has shaped the raw talent of her actors into well-paced scenes that never miss a beat. Every movement and every line feel intentional.” – DC Metro Theater Arts

“We’re not Iraqi anymore. A lot of this play is the loss of that.” – Heather Raffo

“I suggest that our value to national culture might lie in how open with each other we can be.” – Joanna Settle

Noura…is a political show that could not be more timely in 2018. But the show never buckles under the immense weight of the pain Iraqi refugees have carried. They have faced war, and prejudice, and death, and battles to citizenship in countries all over the world. Noura pulses with this pain as its lifeblood and uses it to connect with the audience. The audience can’t help but feel something.” – DC Metro Theater Arts